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Crazy Dave

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12/6/11 02:11 am - just testing the promo thingy

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5/23/10 03:07 am

I love how many of the acquaintances and friends around me sneer at people that live in tornado and hurricane areas. Saying that those people are stupid for living in such dangerous areas. I just realized that those acquaintances and friends all have one thing in common; it's that they all live on a major earth quake fault line. And that there is scientific evidence showing that ever once in while this fault has quakes rivaling ones that just resonantly happened in places like Hatti or Chile. We can have an earth quake that will flatten more than just a city but will flatten every city and township from Vancouver BC down past Portland OR. It could even be a part of a massive Earth quake turning LA in an island state. When we get the big one there is no hiding safely in your storm shelter, we are going to have more people in those few minutes then have ever die at once in the history of all man kind. We will have mass death to a scale it would give Satan a hard-on.

The only events humanity has to look forwards to that will rival this event would be:
1)The eruption Yellow Stone supervolcano
2)Nuclear war
3)Ultra Massive Meteor aka the end of Cretaceous period
4)What ever the shit that caused the mass death at the end of the Permian period

The earth quake we will have in this area one day could easily rank the 5th worse killing event in store for man kind, Why do we laugh at few American hicks that have a chance of having their house blown over, something that cause people less death a year than Ass Cancer, or even simply walking down the street?

5/22/10 10:46 pm - I'm sorry how I've been acting to my friends, but hope is on it's way.

So with work, I will soon be getting a new work schedule. FUCK YEA! I think this new work schedule might fucking help me get my life on track. I will be work 4 days week 10 hours day. I will be starting work at noon!!! This will help because it means more week end to really recover, so I will be less burnt out with work, so I will be less burnt out on the week end. I could get out in the sun and get out to be with people to enrich my life. Also ten hour shifts are what I often work any way. So I will work less hours during the week. And because I go in much later I will be on a more natural sleeping schedule at work.

Also what this means is that someone will then be working my old shift. That means one more person working at the small ass branch of the company I work for. Where there was 4 people now there will be 5. That person also has to be able to do my type of work, that means there will be two computer geeks that actually can do the all of the types of work. Rather then just me.

Also with someone helping during the day and me working more of my hours after the store closes, I will have less jobs to do at once and/or less need to jump back and forth between those different so many times so often in the day. All I can say about that is WOW FUCK, that's going to cut my stress down a lot.

One thing that also has already happened was we got a second computer running. This second computer has already freed up some of my responsibility, because the two other co-workers (with very limited knowledge needed in the field of modern print centres) now can do some of the fucking work with out it being my fucking responsibility all the time. Not that they couldn't have used the front desk computer sometimes, but novelty of computer points out they should maybe fucking do it. Plus obtaining the new computer means that my manager is recognizing it's time they do it. (thank you so much)

I kninda think some of this might have come about because my boss is seeing the over the normal effort I am doing to keep the place running smoothly, seeing how I don't blink an eye at working extra when I'm on the clock or off. Also I wonder if anything is do with him hearing my rants to one of the coworkers that she has to take more responsibility for the job she is doing. I basically told her just because the work is digital it does not mean she just can let me deal with it. When I'm over flowing with work, I can not just magically do more at the same time. Nor should I even be asked only because she is personally to fucking lazy to figure out. And no I was not nice to her about it when I was telling her.

So what this finally means is:

I think I will get to be a human again, and can be peoples friend. I can have life. I can take care of my needs. I get to be that cool person I once was.

4/9/10 12:10 am

I've done many things in my life that would make a priest blush, but I've yet to fuck an altar boy.

2/15/10 01:33 am - help :) please help

I have a friend that needs to couch surf a little bit, she working the Olympics and was dumped from Whistler to Vancouver and now is kinda fucked for a place. Please help

2/12/10 10:17 pm - WTF!!!

CTV just showed a snuf clip Nodar Kumaritashvili a 21-year-old Georgian luge competitor, as he died during practice.

This is wrong for so many reasons, a big one is that it's so disrespectful to him, his family, his team mates, and country men.

11/16/09 06:32 pm - wow this is so funny Take that free hug jerks!

11/16/09 12:10 am - On the verge of a nevus break down.

So I'm moving the end of the month, every thing is a fucking mess because I've been barley keeping my head above the water in the past year. I have enough energy to go to work, sometimes socialize, and very rarely do some artwork. So now I'm dealing with so much shit that should have been done a long time ago, and It's not like I'm in good mental health to start.

AS much as I can bitch it turns out I have a lot less stuff then I thought. Most of the bins in the storage cupboard where empty or had hardly anything in them.

I think I'm going to have most of the stuff and my big items ready to move next week end. I know once this is done life will be a lot easier.

10/28/09 07:45 pm - Selling/giving away stuff

I'm down sizing my life and I need to get ride of a things that are waste full to store. AKA the cost of storage for a even a year will cost more then the item new.

2 Wardrobes

Best offer, just take them away.

1 Chest of draws


I don't care what you give me for them, also the first person to actually take them can get them. (expect closest friends I will hold them for a week.)

10/27/09 07:47 pm

I love how with music if you add distortion it makes it sound hard, but if you were to keep distorting it becomes a soft fuzz, and if you up the tempo the music gets faster but if keep making it faster it becomes a beat-less tone.
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